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Split Crash Course

Crash Course for XII passed or XII appeared (Duration: 52 Days)

THIS COURSE COMMENCES on 20th March and continues till 13th May.

This course aims at empowering the student with all the skills required to deal with problems of an intricate level. The course is split into two stages and covers the entire syllabus of various Medical Entrance Exams.

Stage - I
From 20th March to 9th April (140hrs. of classroom teaching)

This stage prepares the students for CBSE Preliminary Examination. The classes will be held for 20 days (20th March to 8th April; 7hrs. daily)
A short test series of 4 test, based on a pattern similar to that of CBSE Preliminary Examination will be provided to the students. Answers to these home assignments will be provided to the students for their self evaluation. The complete syllabus will be covered in one Test Paper and the same shall be discussed in the classroom on 9th April.

Stage - II
From 13th April to 13th May

The preparation for CBSE Final Exam & other Medical Entrance Exams will commence immediately after the CBSE Preliminary Examination. The second stage comprises of concept clearing classes and undertakes revision of the entire syllabus for various Medical Entrance Exams. Students will be given a Vital Test Series to sharpen their skills.
Prior to the declaration of the result of CBSE Preliminary Exam, preparation takes place through 10 objective type tests from the syllabus of class XI & XII for various medical Entrance Exams like PMT, State PMTs & AIIMS etc. Out of these 10 tests, 5 tests will be conducted and discussed thoroughly in the Institute. Prior to each tests there will be Doubt clearing session of 6 hours to quickly review and revise important points. The balance 5 tests will be given along with the answers as home assignments.

After the declaration of CBSE Preliminary Exam result, all those students who have been selected will undergo preparation for CBSE final exam through a series of Subjective Tests on the pattern of the Final Exam followed by Concept clearing classes. A total of 8 subjective tests will be conducted, out of which 3 tests will be from class XI syllabus, and 3 from class XII syllabus. The remaining 2 tests will cover the entire syllabus. Apart from the subjective tests, 5 objective type tests with answers will be provided as home assignments for preparation for other Medical Entrance Exams.

Students who fail to achieve success in CBSE Preliminary Exam will undergo further preparation for other Medical Entrance Exams through a series of 10 objective type tests covering the entire syllabus of Medical Entrance Exams, based on the pattern of PMT, State PMTs & AIIMS. 5 tests will be thoroughly discussed in the class rooms and the remaining 5 tests along with their solution will be provided as home assignments for practice and self evaluation. 


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